Get to know us

Borgonlia Luxury Brand is a company of Qatari entrepreneurs but with the experience of more than forty years in the sale of decorative leather at the highest level of the European market.

Our decorative leather is 100% from animals and they are produced in our Spanish factory manually, which allow us to design in any measure, colour or shape demanded by the customer, always in the highest quality that can be found currently in the global market.
Borgonlia has the absolute exclusivity of this product for distribution in Qatar and throughout the Middle East.

Our factory was founded in 1970. Since then, we have made decoration leather and natural leather carpets. The leather stands out as its quality and brightness. They can be made in any size and colour demanded by the stricter costumer.

Our products are tanned and processed in our own workshop by the most prestigious craftsmen in the world, making our items exclusive.